Designation of Origin Saimaa

D.O. Saimaa is the first Finnish regional quality label for food and food products that are produced in the Lake Saimaa region. The label signifies highest quality as well as a positive effect on the environment, culture, vitality and society of the region.

By selecting D.O. Saimaa products consumers, restaurants and distributors can rely on making a quality choice that fulfils the highest gastronomical, ethical and responsible standards.

Authentic Saimaa products

D.O. Saimaa label is a guarantee of authentic and pure food coming from the Lake Saimaa region.

Best Saimaa quality

D.O. Saimaa is a proof of excellent quality throughout the supply chain. Only the producers that fulfil the set high quality requirements are issued with the D.O. Saimaa label.

Responsible production

D.O. Saimaa food is produced in a responsible manner in consideration of the environment and wellbeing of the animals as well as sustainability and social responsibility.

Amazing gastronomic and cultural heritage

D.O. Saimaa products are finest examples of the rare and unique gastronomic and cultural heritage of the Lake Saimaa region.