Sahanlahti pikeperch

Fried pikeperch

2 large or 4 small fillets of pikeperch

Cut off the fillets with a v-cut
Fry in butter, season with salt

Grilled early cappage

1 early cappage
Rapeseed oil

Cut the cabbage into 4 pieces, do not remove the stem
Rub the surface with salt and oil
Grill over an open fire, the surfaces may get blackened

Browned butter sauce

50 g of butter
20 g salted gooseberries

Brown the butter slowly in a saucepan
Chop the gooseberries and add to the butter, season with salt

Suolatut karviaiset

Raw gooseberries

Wash the raw gooseberries well
Put the gooseberries in a glass jar and add water to just cover them
Weigh the gooseberries and water, add 10 % salt to this weight and dissolve in water
Seal the gooseberries and the brine in an airtight glass jar and leave to marinate for 3 months