Ollinmäki Winery


The Ollinmäki winery has produced berry and fruit wines since 1995. The farm's products are 100% Finnish and they are also Saimaa products. Forest berries and the young tips of spruce are harvested from the clean forests of Lake Saimaa. Lobo, Antonovka and Åkero apples are picked from the farm's own fields and grapes from neighbouring contracted orchards. Pure, aromatic berries and fruit are local ingredients at their best.

Local food also includes local beverages. Our drinks have a strong taste of the ingredient and are also beautiful to look at. You can already find the products in several restaurants in the Saimaa region and on the shelves of the Sirpakka cider grocery store. The latest innovation is that we also produce drinks with the company's own text and logo.

- Winery hostess Sirpa Villanen, Ollinmäki Winery

In addition to non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, the farm also produces processed products such as wine jellies, tar pitch moonshine mustard and salad dressing. Honey from the bees working on the farm and other Ollinmäki non-alcoholic and mild products can be bought from the farm's own shop up to 13%. Stronger products can be found at Alko or sampled at the farm's Ollinkellari restaurant, summer terrace and tower bar.


Ollinmäen Viinitila Oy

Sirpa Villanen
0400 657 275

D.O. Saimaa -labelled products

  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • berry and fruit wines, ciders, sparkling wines, liqueurs, schnapps and moonshine
  • downstream products such as wine jellies, tar moonshine mustard, salad dressing
  • honey