Järvikylä Manor


Fresh flavours from potted herbs and salads

The home of Finland's largest selection of herbs and salads is located in the Saimaa region, in Joroinen.

This family business with strong roots in the Savo region, Järvikylä Manor, and its greenhouses produce clean and fresh potted lettuces and herbs for Finnish plates all year round. Järvikylä values high quality and purity in its products and production.

Our potted salads and herbs offer freshness for all the senses. Their smell, taste and texture are a sign of freshness and purity.”

- entrepreneur Caroline Grotenfelt-Fyhr

In addition to product quality, green energy is an important part of Järvikylä's business. Environmental responsibility plays a key role at every stage of greenhouse cultivation: procurement, cultivation and product distribution. Wood-based, biodegradable pots are in the pipeline and the company is heavily involved in the development of these.


Famifarm Oy / Järvikylän kartano
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