Goose Confit and early veggies

700g goose legs/wings
1l Goose Fat
1pc solo garlic
Fresh thyme and sage
Sea salt, black pepper

Season the meat and place the fat side up in a rimmed baking dish. Pour the melted fat on top and cook in the oven approx. 96c for 4-8 hours. Cooking is best done overnight to give it time to simmer. If desired, you can cover the pan with foil/lid. The meat should be overcooked.

In addition:
200g Asparagus
100g Spring Onions
200g Early Cabbage
100g Cauliflower
100g Zucchini
100g Early root vegetables (carrots/beetroot)

Goose fat, salt

Wash the vegetables and chop into fair pieces. The vegetables are shredded in goose fat and grilled in the order they are ready, starting with the root vegetables. Season with salt. Grill the goose legs until crispy before serving.

Producing the raw materials for the recipe